Natural Remedies for Panic Attacks

Recognizing panic attack

Man grows old and suddenly realizes he has been missing something, something which everyone else had. You dream you are on a ship and everyone is watching you. It is because you are naked. These kinds of nightmares and associated thought processes, which are often deep-seated links to some unfinished business or a feeling of incompleteness, are manifested in the lives of individuals as panic attacks. Finding natural remedies for panic attacks may become easier when you join community work. It will help you to get out of the feeling of isolation. Make it a point to get together with your friends daily and take up something which interests you. Once your friends and a lot of strangers are involved in some common activity, you will be able to experience the feeling of common good will which is the back bone of society.

Meditation and relaxation

Relaxation is one of the most effective natural remedies for panic attacks. There are two ways to go for it. First one is the medical or herbal way and the other is the physical way. Meditation or yoga is extremely useful. Mild exercising every day will help you concentrate and conserve the mental equilibrium that gives inner peace. If you are able to sleep well, you will probably not have any panic attacks at all. Concentrate on the proper breathing method. If you breathe too deep or too shallow, it will not help you. Try to set aside some time every day for breathing exercises. This is as important as doing regular exercises. Among the natural remedies for panic attacks sleeping well tops the list. Stress often accumulates hour upon the hour not only in offices but also in the houses. We become aware of this only when we are faced with some decision making or decision taking situation. This is attributed to unawareness and this feeling will contribute to more panic attacks. While there are few natural remedies for panic attacks arising out of accumulation of stress, one could deal better when one realizes the problem for what it is; merely that the changes occurring due to the passage of time causes us to feel things differently.

Use music

There are plenty of natural remedies for panic attacks. Use music and the healing power of silence. These are the best. If you are very overwrought, try to relax at some spa or massage and yoga therapy centers. If you are not so tensed up, you may try some easy and calming techniques which may be done at home. Most allopathic drugs are susceptible to addiction. Even in the herbal drugs there may be cases where one feels a kind of dependence on the medical preparation, but it will pass. Choose some music which gives you some kind of personal interactivity. Ensure that the music is not too loud and constantly change your music. While meditation leave the windows open, this will help you to acquire the full effect of meditating.

Medications are long term

Among herbal medicine Skullcap has a gentle action and is very lasting. This is why it is the favorite of many physicians. Chamomile tea and lemon balm tea are herbal preparations that have a soothing effect on the person. Things like alcohol and oily preparations should be avoided when one is undergoing treatment use herbs. Oats may be taken in a variety of forms and as porridge. They also have a high-fiber content which will help your digestion. Valerian is one very common and effective treatments recommended for panic attacks.

Consult your doctor

If you have alternate medical conditions, like pregnancy or allergy to certain chemicals, you should ascertain that the herbal treatment which you are undergoing will have no counter-productive effects. This may be done by appraising your doctor at the time of consultation of your allergies and conditions. Do not use drugs against the wishes of your doctor. If you are using drugs which were recommended by your neighbor, you should ascertain that they have the FDA approval and the dosage is only in small amounts. Natural remedies for panic attacks should be taken alone to start with.

Try relaxation techniques

Medication is only necessary for those who have crossed the line of individual control. When you manage some time for yourself, try these relaxation techniques. Put your head back, and stretch out your legs. Breathe slowly for a while till you feel the lethargy creeping over you. Pull your legs in, and after some time repeat the exercise. Whether you are working or playing at your Play station or Xbox, your mind goes into a fixed mode and starts to become more dependent on certain changed life style habits. To relax, you should take up meditation and deep concentration techniques. Imagine, you are inside a deep well. Close your eyes and when you start feeling the air around you, slowly raise your hands and legs. Hold for some time and then relax again. This is one of the most effective natural remedies for panic attacks.

Change your life style

Recognizing panic attacks for what they are will help you cross the bridge. It is merely an external manifestation of something which may not worth drawing your attention at all. If you are able to find these symptoms early enough, you will be able to use mild breathing exercises or mild exercises to overcome the problem. And remember to keep smiling! Change your food habits and incorporate more vegetables and grains. The meat and alcohol tend to stir up your black fluids and make you hyper. Also, eat whenever you feel hungry. Postponement of your hunger will upset our biological clock and your body will start to react differently to external stimuli. Laughing or smiling has good therapeutic effects. Walking every day will help you mind to ‘breathe’ while smiling at a lot of people. It will also make you popular and help you get the feeling of well being, which goes hand in hand with inner peace. Among the natural remedies for panic attacks, smiling probably tops the list.