Natural Remedies for Depression

Depression: the causes

Every man is an achiever or a go-getter. When the locomotive force in his life ceases to exist either in active or passive form, it changes into depression. Sometimes attachment may be the cause, but often it may be something as silly as over eagerness or over reaching. There are many instances where people have gone into an extremely depressed state, due to the lack of care from their lover, or parents etc. Some other reasons for depression may be the incurable diseases that a person may have, which tempt him to feel that he has no hope left in life. This can lead to severe depression and even produce suicidal tendency in the behavior of the person! Depression may turn in to psychotic disorder or Obsessive repetitive disorder depending upon the circumstances. But today, natural remedies for depression are available, which can help to treat this condition to a large extent.

Factors causing depression

The physical side of depression is seen as a kind of sluggishness in attitude. The causes are also mental, but the physiological factors are what need to be dealt with. Finding natural remedies for depression involve looking for the cause of the disorder. While sociologically, there may be reasons, being left out of the pecking order because of change of color, or being asked to wait because you are not from the affluent side of town, they truly do not matter, because in the course of time one gets used to them. Dealing with the problem on a one to one mental side may be done with the help of herbs and /or exercises. Of the many natural remedies for depression there is nothing to beat the guy in the fruit stall. It was observed in one case, one particular guy Truman, never went to a fruit shop. We could never understand why, till one day the shop owner moved his sign board (displaying a reclining blond) to the space over his shop. When asked he said, he never understood why the guy entertained half-clad women in his shop. While it may not exactly be a case of depression, it bears shades of an anxiety disorder. This guy could not relate to others who were coming and going from the shop.

Types of depressions

The depression may be a minor or major disorder and differs from person to person. The person does not link socially and may suffer from hallucinations. People suffering from serious disorders may take a longer time to react favorably to the situation and respond to treatment. Psychotic disorders are varied and involve treatment with both chemicals and physical and psychological counseling. Sleeping disorders may also be among the symptoms, but is usually present in those who suffer from panic attacks and anxiety disorders. Mild disorders may be treated by treating the patient as an outpatient. People suffering from OCD Obsessive Compulsive disorder is subjected to repetitive thoughts. Finding natural remedies for depression is recommended because of the side effects of the allopathic drugs. They tend to be addictive and may cause headaches or nausea.

Common herbs for curing depression

The first thing in finding natural remedies for depression is to maintain a proper diet. Avoid sweets and caffeine and you are half the way home. Folic acid or folate commonly found in leafy vegetables and fruits cures depression. Generally people with poor diets have lower levels of folic acid in their menus. Improve your in take of vitamin B6 and magnesium by eating more fruits and vegetables. SAM-e is one of the chemicals that produce neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine in the human body. Omega-3 fatty acids are a good type of fatty acid that are needed for normal brain function. This is commonly found in fish and the countries which consumed large amounts of fish were generally found to be having fewer people with depression. Fish is one of the best natural remedies for depression.

Treating depressions

Bringing the person who is suffering into the social circle is one of the first steps. Belonging is one of the most natural remedies for depression and should happen before everything else. Exercise clubs are ideal and getting one to join and take an active part in the discussions and debates will improve the situation. The physical activity will help them to get involved with others and present ideas and reasons which evoke responses from the other persons in the social circle. Regular medication is required till the effects of depression are within limits. Keeping the person happy is the one thing which will certainly cure him. Always keep the person in the company of a lot of people. This will raise their spirits and help to bring them out of their shell. A response to the depression treatment often revolves around the person’s willingness to recognize the problem and be compliant with the presented solution therewith. If this is not achievable, it is better treat the patient with chemicals and natural herbs are the best solution. The natural remedies for depression may be a herb or a fatty acid found in the fish, but making the person enjoy his place in society will surely serve up the best dish, a smile on his face.

Walking and talking

The persons who are free from their disorders should start talking about their pains and trials. It will become fun after some time to hear the anecdote being retold in a manner which shows up as somebody’s turn at the tiller. The importance of regular exercises needs to be emphasized at this point. Getting into the right spirits is particularly important and when you are in your best health it is easy to achieve something or be pleasant about not achieving it. If one is not able to exercise, one may take up walking. It is one of the natural remedies for depression which does not cost a penny. And it will do you a world of good. Walk tall, walk with the people and help your kindred to help the others share a smile and pass it along. After all depression never happened on its own! It came and found you, and you should help speed it along its merry way!