Natural Remedies for Anxiety

Symptoms of Anxiety

It is truly common to have a feeling of anxiety one way or another. Nevertheless, if you are starting to feel anxious for no reason, you might be suffering from an anxiety disorder. General symptoms include irritability, being impatient all the time, being moody all the time, and not being able to concentrate on the task. There are also physical symptoms such as severe migraine, having difficulties in sleeping, difficulty in breathing, and excessive sweating. Without doubt, these are symptoms that will affect your daily life in a serious manner and if this isn’t fixed immediately, you will start having problems even for the simplest things such as going to your workplace, meeting your family for Christmas, or even having a night out with your friends. However, before panicking that you might actually be suffering from any disorder, you should make sure that you contact your doctor first. If you end up suffering from it, don’t worry. There are excellent natural remedies for anxiety that are without doubt going to help you overcome this disorder. However, you should consult your doctor regarding the methods to use, as they may consist of several substances that you might be allergic to. You should pick out the one that fits best with your lifestyle and your ability to take them.

About the Natural Remedies for Anxiety

Researchers from all parts of the world have been working hard to discover thousands of natural remedies for anxiety such as passion flower and Kava. However, there are several remedies other than substances you can intake; you can also exercise or engage in aromatherapy which is also considered a natural remedy for treating anxiety and has been turned out effective.

Treatment Using Passion Flower

The mostly used sort of natural remedies for anxiety is the herb passion flower. It has been used throughout history, but has been developed to guarantee better results. There were several studies conducted to validate the effectiveness of passion flower. Results proved that it certainly works well; job performance increases dramatically and the signs of irritability or drowsiness disappear, and moreover, it helps get rid of insomnia, allowing you to sleep better. As previously mentioned, you should ask your doctor first before trying it, as it may lead to many undesired side effects such as vomiting, increased rate in heart beats, and feeling of dizziness, if you are allergic to it. You should also never use any natural remedies for anxiety along with any other medication without supervision.

Treatment Using Valerian

Another type of remedy used to treat anxiety is the herb Valerian. It is best used for those who have serious problems with sleeping. It is usually taken one hour before sleep and needs approximately two weeks to be effectual. It should also not be taken without consultation first as side effects include problems in digestion, migraines, and problems in concentration. It also comes in several forms, so opt for the one that is suitable for you whether it’s a capsule or natural form.

Practicing Exercises to avoid anxiety

Other popular natural remedies for anxiety involve exercising which is often referred to as body work in this case. This ranges from massages to shiatsu. This helps in relieving stress and relaxes your muscles. Mind techniques are also commonly used. This ranges from yoga, simple meditation, and walking, which helps to improve your breathing and get rid of stress. Try several of them and select the one that you are well-situated most.

Treatment with Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is also another technique that is applied as the natural remedies for anxiety and is extremely easy to carry out as well. All you have to do is to add plant oils to your baths or oil. Plant oils have been used for years to relieve tension and help in relaxation. There are many of them to choose from, but the best ones that are guaranteed to provide quick results are lavender, rose, and jasmine. Another remedy is the herb kava which gives similar effects. However, it has not been guaranteed from health organizations due to several reports about patients suffering from liver and kidney problems after using it.

General Techniques to avoid anxiety

Other substances have also played a towering role in treating anxiety which include GABA, a widely used amino acid that has direct effects. They work by sending messages to the brain and affecting the receptors. Calcium, B vitamins, and Pantothenic acid are other commonly used natural remedies for anxiety. Other techniques are very simple and don’t require the use of any herb or exercising. You can avoid caffeine as it is the number one reason for insomnia and you will, without doubts, have problems sleeping if you don’t quit it. Another technique is avoiding alcohol by all means. Yes, off course we have all been convinced with the idea that drinking alcohol can calm an individual down, but later on when alcohol starts to withdraw from your body, you will start to feel the uncomfortable effect which also involves you not being able to sleep properly. You could also prevent over breathing in a certain situation. This usually leads to more anxiety especially if you end up breathing from your chest instead of your diaphragm. You can also prevent getting overwhelmed situations. If you clearly think about, you will understand that no one is perfect and there is nothing to actually worry about. For example, if you are a student studying to achieve your bachelor agree and you have an extensive presentation coming up, remind yourself that it is normal to be anxious about it and those are just fifteen minutes from your day that will pass easily. If you are working, there is no need to worry about promotion or your colleague ending up taking it; at the end of the day you will have your promotion, if you stick to your tasks with quality and consistency. You can easily get rid of anxiety if you follow the techniques and remedies described above, all you have to do is to choose the one that fits your lifestyle the most and then, you will be able to do away with your anxiety quick enough!