Natural Remedies for Pimples

One of the worst problems that people have is the development of pimples especially on the face. This is because this spoils the appearance of the face and this many go as far as lowering the self-esteem of an individual. Pimples are a bacterial infection that happens in the overactive oil glands that are found in the base of the skin.

They are normally raised bumps that are filled with pus and are not very attractive to look at. Other than the face, they also affect the back, chest, neck and other parts of the body.  A person who has frequent outbreaks of the disease is known to suffer from acne. Infected whiteheads and blackheads also lead to the development of pimples. Most people usually think that they are caused by foods like chocolate, oily foods or even sweat or dirt but it is not true. It is possible to find natural remedies for pimples that can be used to get rid of the conditions.

These are usually very effective and safe as the patients do not have to use any chemicals on the body that could end up harming them in any way or visit a doctor which can be expensive. The most important thing that should be kept in mind when dealing with the pimples is that you are not supposed to squeeze them. Squeezing and picking the pimples is not recommended as this usually leads to scarring and inflammation. Some of the options that people have include: using rose water or water that has fuller’s earth. These have gone through numerous tests to prove that they are effective as it has been used by very many people without any complaints. These should be applied on the face as they help to get rid of all the excess oil as part of natural remedies for pimples.

Individuals can also use Aloe Vera gel and tea tree oil combined to treat the condition. These are well known for their anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that are used to handle the pimples. A person can also use wheat germ oil and marigold that are also used to fight off pimples. There are some people who get relief by crushing fenugreek leaves and adding water to make a paste. This paste is usually applied on the face just before a person goes to sleep and it should be washed off in the morning. This is particularly helpful to the people who have dry skin. You can also add raw milk to grinded nutmeg. The final mixture should be applied on the face for about 3 hours or less. Make sure you rinse off the mixture thoroughly for effective results. This is not only an example of natural remedies for pimples as it is also effective in getting rid of scars to achieve clear skin.

Persons who want to say goodbye to pimples can also use powdered and roasted peels of the pomegranate fruits. Make a paste by adding some lime juice. This is one of the most valuable treatments available. Mixing neem leaves, turmeric and water also makes a good paste that can be used to treat pimples. You can also combine turmeric and coriander juice that also makes a great treatment option. Mint juice can be used in place of coriander juice to get the same results. There are times when you might need to heat up the ingredients that will be used for treatment for instance when using dried basil leaves. This should be added to a cup of boiling water and left on heat for 20 minutes. Cool it for a while to take advantage of the beneficial natural remedies for pimples. This should be done often if you want to see the pimples disappear.

There are some simple treatments that can be used to get rid of the pimples like applying raw papaya juice or the pulp of tomatoes on the affected area for 30 minutes or so. Other than this, the pulp from cucumbers can also be used when a person wants to get similar results. Garlic one of the most common ingredients in most home remedies for different diseases is also useful when it comes to getting rid of the pimples. These should be rubbed in the place that has the pimples several times. Although it is quite effective, this is also one of the treatments that do not have a pleasant smell thus it is best done when a person is indoors. It is also one of the cheapest options as garlic is locally available to get the benefits of natural remedies for pimples without going through too many hustles.

You can also make a face mask at home that will work to get rid of the pimples. An example of an effective one is the one that has been made from honey and grated apple. This should be left on the face until it has dried up before it is washed off completely. When you don’t feel like making the mask, honey can be applied directly on skin. This comes highly recommended as it is good for all skin types. This can be mixed with cinnamon powder and left on the face for 12 hours as a means of irrigating the situation. Following this religiously will give you good results in fourteen days or less. Groundnut oil can also be combined with lemon juice to cure as well as prevent the situation. Rose water can also be added to the juice as part of natural remedies for pimples. The mixture should have equal quantities and should be applied on the pimples for 30 minutes. After using this, persons usually get permanent relief after a month or less.

It is important to follow all the instructions when it comes to the natural treatments so that you can be proud of results. Since there are very many options that are available, you can talk to someone who has used one of them effectively to help you make an informed decision that will work out well for you.