Natural Remedies for Acne


Acne is one of the most common skin diseases. It can occur in many different areas of skin such as face, chest, neck, back, shoulders and upper arm. Pimples and acnes mostly occur in teenagers as the secretion or changes start to occur in hormones. But adults and children may also suffer from this disease. Acne is result of blockages in follicles. Hyperkeratinilization and formation of a plug of keratin and sebum is the earliest change. Hormonal changes in young people causes enlargement of sebaceous glands and sebum production increases as androgen produced. When sebum clogged with dead skin cells it cause comedones (black head). In these conditions naturally occurring bacterium Propionibacterium acnes can cause inflammation in the dermis around the comedones which results in redness and scaring. It is not bacterium that causes inflammation and swelling of the skin part where pimples occur but it is your body’s immune system which causes inflammation of the skin in order to kill bacteria by its own defensive system to fight against bacteria.

Causes of Acne:

Acne causes attributed from many different things which we can avoid in order to prevent our acne skin problems. In order to prevent acne to happen, you should change your irregular sleeping habits that can trigger your stress level initiating acne problems in the skin. Eating habit is also one of the causes of acne, so avoid eating fatty, oily, sugar and starch rich food. Chronic constipation also causes acne problems because when your body does not quickly eliminate waste material from the body then your blood stream may contain highly toxic materials causing acnes to the skin and chances of infections and bacterial attack may also increase.


There are different types of acne that may include Comedones that have black heads and white heads, papules have pinheads, pustules are pimples and nodules are large papules. Nodules are possibly the scariest form of acne. Symptoms for acne are mostly in forms of scars and pigmentation on your skin. Acne scars are produced due to the inflammation within the dermis.

Physical acne is referred as ice pick scar that is the most common form of acne. Box car scars usually occur on temple and cheeks. These scars are similar to chickenpox. Rolling scar is another form of acne scars that gives skin a wave like appearance.  Another common form of acne scars is pigmented scar that usually appears as a result of the nodular or cystic acne. These acne conditions more often leave real marks on the skin of face. It may take three months to two years to remove scars of pigmentations.

17 million Americans including 87 % teenagers (between ages of 12 to 21) suffer from acne each year. The American dermatologist association finds that 20% of all adults have acne. 60 million Americans have active acne. One of the alarming statistics is that most of the people suffering from acne do not seek help and consider acne as social taboo. 11% of people go to the physicians, 20% prefers skin care centers, and 30% try to treat them with medications from medical stores and pharmacy on their own. 40% people are those who do nothing to seek cure of acne. Although, teenagers are the most affected age group by acne but the disease is not restricted to only one portion of the population but it affects all age groups and genders.

Natural Remedies for Acne:

There are different natural treatments that can easily recover your acne problems.  These treatments are considered as home remedies because they are easily available at your home, in your cabinets and fridges. You can also have fun with these kinds of treatments as they are easy and also help in reducing your acne problems. Most of the natural remedies deal with four key factors that contribute in acne including enlarged pores, backup pores, excess oil on your skin and the bacterium propionibacterium acnes.

You may start with backup pores in order to wash away excessive oil which causes acne. You can use heat, mint wash or both. For heat, you can stay in a very hot steamy shower for fifteen minutes so that your pores open up. A mint wash can be prepared by using half cup of water and one table spoon of peppermint oil, or you can also crush few mints algoid in distilled water. You can also use menthol based mouth wash.

After the first treatment, now you should kill bacteria and remove extra oil from the skin. Never use soap or anything that will dry your skin instead use face wash and moistening creams. These creams do not contribute in producing oil but can also dissolve your skin’s excess oil and wash the oil away cleanly from your skin. When you are finished with removing oil from your skin, rinse your face with warm water and then cold water to close the pores. Never rub your skin as it causes damage to skin. Kill excess bacteria by the help of little sun exposure because sunlight helps in killing bacteria. Do not squeeze, pop, or otherwise mess with pimple. You should clean and use good medications for applying on your face. Avoid touching your face again and again.

You should change your habits in order to get good results. These habits include healthy food in your daily diet like fresh fruits and vegetables. Eat food which is rich with vitamin C and E because these vitamins contain properties to remove wastage from body. Vitamin C and E are very effective in cleaning your blood and can eliminate bacteria from the skin.

Wash your hands regularly and get enough and regular sleep. Daily exercise is also considered as one the best remedies for acne. It will make your skin fresh, vibrant and glowing because your cells become active when you exercise and blood flow increases throughout your body.

Drink wheat grass juice daily in order to remove acne from skin. It is recommended to use soaps and gels made from Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera is very effective against skin conditions as it can also remove acne spots. Aloe Vera has refreshing qualities and is also effective in case of skin burn. For treating acne you can also use lime juice by mixing it in half glass of boiled milk.

These are natural remedies for acne which are very helpful but if you still have acne problem after applying there remedies then it is preferable to consult a good doctor who can help you to cure your skin condition.