Natural Remedies for Acne Scars

Thousands of people are currently looking for natural remedies for acne scars as this is a problem that can have a huge psychological effect on a person. When the skin’s pores are clogged a pimple will appear. If the pores are plugged up then natural oils are not going to reach the skin’s surface. Due to this bacteria can easily multiply. Even before bacteria was present but it was not a problem. The plugged-up situation will aid in the multiplication of the bacteria until it cannot be controlled. Acne starts to develop and when you scratch it the tissue will get damaged. That is how the acne scars actually appear.

The most effective solutions are not actually natural remedies for acne scars but medical methods that are used with a lot of success. They are incredibly popular but there is also one problem that will stop many from using them. Unfortunately most medical procedures against acne scars are expensive. It is still a great idea to visit the dermatologist to see what can be done. In most cases dermabrasion is the first method that is recommended. Collagen injections can also help and laser treatment stands out as the best possible method although it is also the most expensive. Dermabrasion is the simple solution and it sees the doctor removing the top layer of skin from the affected area.

Natural Remedies

Since most people are looking for alternative solutions, we should try to know as much about them as possible. Below you are going to find a list of the best and most popular natural remedies for acne scars but you need to keep an open mind. There might be others and new discoveries are done daily. By constantly researching the topic and staying informed you are making a huge step towards getting rid of your acne.

  • Limes or Lemon Juice – Simply squeeze the juice and apply directly to the acne scar by using cotton balls. The skin has to soak up in it before you are going to wash it off so let it work for a few minutes. The reason why lemon juice helps is that it lightens blemishes and improves how the acne scars look. This basically means that it will not remove the scar but it will improve the appearance.
  • Homemade Rosewater and Sandalwood Paste – This paste would be used as a regular facial mask. You can directly apply it on the affected area and let it work for around 60 minutes. In the event that it is possible, an overnight application is recommended. Water can be used to remove it and this is one method that treats the acne scars while also offering a cooling and soothing effect.
  • Tomatoes – Few people know about using tomatoes as natural remedies for acne scars. You only need to cut one and apply it on the scars. Tomato contains a high quantity of Vitamin A and this will reduce the production of sebum. An overproduction of sebum will cause acne. Also, vitamin A is an antioxidant and this helps in the rejuvenation of the damaged skin.
  • Olive Oil – has amazing therapeutic effect. All you need to do is use it to massage the scarred skin. This is basically a moisturizer and the texture of the skin will soften when applying olive oil. Acne scars visibility is going to be reduced.
  • Honey – Similar to olive oil, both of these are natural remedies for acne scars due to the moisturizing action. The only difference is that honey can also be taken orally or used as a mask. Keep in mind that if you are thinking about the oral version, there are special formulas that are built for acne scars treatments.
  • Special Facial Mask Mixtures – On the Internet you will find different mixtures that are created in order to obtain facial masks that are efficient for treating acne scars. One of the most common ones is made out of 1 tb of yogurt, 1 tb of sour cream, lemon juice and 1 tb of oatmeal. All that is needed is around 10 minutes of use.
  • Cucumbers and Tomatoes Face Mask – Out of all the face masks used as natural remedies for acne scars, this one is widely publicized as being among the best. Most people know about the beneficial effects of cucumbers and tomatoes on the human skin. It is also great for improving the way acne scars look.
  • Ice Cubes – This is a temporary solution but you might want to use it. Use some ice cubes and rub them on the areas that are affected. The irritated skin is going to be soothed and pore sizes are shrunk.
  • Lavender Oil – Use a cotton ball and soak it in the Lavender    oil. There are also other oils that are similar in effect. Essential oils are to be used and then applied twice daily on the acne scars.
  • Fenugreek – People can easily add this to the list of natural remedies for acne scars. Just create a paste from the leaves and then use it just like any other face mask. An alternative would be to create a solution out of the seeds after boiling in water.
  • Egg Whites – This is really cheap and effective. Take egg whites and place them on the scars with the use of cotton balls. You can leave it like that overnight and this helps in dealing with the scars.

The great thing about the natural remedies for acne scars is the fact that they are really cheap. Unfortunately this does not mean that they will work. The best solutions are still medical and should be seriously consider. In addition, the natural solutions are going to take a lot of time until visible results are noticed. Most people do not have patience and they give up, believing that the solution does not work. You will need to make sure that you always give the chosen solution enough time to see if it is effective or not.