Natural Remedies for Bed Bugs

If your home has been infested by bed bugs, then you may have experienced the worst discomfort you have ever imagined. These tiny creatures are worst nightmare a homeowner could ever have. This is why we shall endeavor to understand what bedbugs are before we explore natural remedies for bed bugs.

Bedbugs are small wingless parasitic insects that suck blood from living organisms. I mean they suck blood! They are mostly found on beds and that is where its name was coined from. They are visible by naked eyes and are oval in shape. They measure approximately 0.2 inches in length and their color is brownish-reddish. They are roughly the size of a tick and they have a flat back with outstanding eyes.

These parasites, like mosquitoes, maintain their livelihood by feeding on human blood. Bedbugs are mostly active during the night when you retire for the night. Once you switch off the light, they come out of crevices and start feeding. Their nocturnal nature means they remain inactive during the day they by hiding beneath your beddings. This makes them almost invisible and as a result they multiply so fast that within a short while they may invade all corners of your home. Their small size makes them easily transferrable on your clothing. Once they settle down, they lay eggs and multiply a great deal.

The natural remedies for bed bugs would work best if you may be able to trace and check for the existence of these parasites. Bedbugs can be found in both private and commercial places of residence. They are found in dorms, apartments, hotels, motels and hospitals. They are moved from one area to another through your cloth or a suitcase or used furniture. Normally, lady bedbug lays an average of five hundred eggs in her life. It lays about five eggs per day which are sticky and the size of dust. It is not easy to see these eggs but after ten days they will hatch and since the young ones should take a sip of blood for their survival, they will look for a host and you may identify them.

Initially, bedbug bites are not painful but their bite becomes itchy after sometime and it wouldn’t be easy to learn of them on first instance. They become visible after some hours when you will have an itching and scarring feeling on your skin. They can bite anywhere on your body and you may mistake them to a mosquito bite. However; physically you may see blood stains on your beddings, beneath your pillows or on your cloths. This should be a course of alarm. The most common thing that will differentiate a mosquito from a bedbug is their smell. Bedbugs have an irritating odor that any smell-sensitive individual will note.

Having known the characteristics and looks of bedbugs, let’s now try and explore some natural remedies for bed bugs. This will be helpful to any household that may be infected by these awful parasites.

In case of infestation, it is advisable to wash your clothing and bed sheets in hot water. This will remove any existing bedbug on them and prevent any further breeding. It is also advisable to remove your beddings and place them outside on direct sunlight occasionally. This will ensure that the heat from the sun kills the eggs so that they don’t hatch. However; don’t place the mattress on the ground. This will give them a hiding place and when the sum will go down they will still come back to the mattress. Place your mattresses on a raised platform so that they may die and fall down to the ground.

For your bedroom, use diatomaceous earth that contains algae fossils and spray it around your rooms. The algae fossils have jagged edges effect and once the bedbugs crawl on it; it will cut the bedbug’s body making it to bleed to death. If you believe in herbs, Cayenne Pepper has proved to be one of the best herbal remedy to get rid of bedbugs.

It is vital to dry most of your household equipment like footwear’s, bags, rugs, toys or any equipment that you may not put in a laundry. Placing them on a drier will get rid of any traces of bedbugs that could have accumulated on them. Your laundry should be kept very clean as this is the place where the bedbugs exchange from one part of the house to another. You may sprinkle alcohol on it.

Did I mention that you can make your own spray and get rid of this menace? All you need is ten drops of eucalyptus, rosemary essential oil and lavender each and a cup of water. Mix them together and fill the resultant mixture in a spraying bottle. Now you are ready to go and spray it on the infected areas. Keep your hygiene by wearing gloves since essential oils may cause health problems to your skin.

Could you be having Lavender oil in your closet? These are good natural remedies for bed bugs. Its smell turns off the bedbugs and you may place lavender Sackets in your wardrobes, closets or beneath your bed. These Sackets can be easily made by taking some lavender flower and you dry them between two cloth surfaces. This could be a piece of your old cloth or two handkerchiefs. Stitch them together and place them in your suspicious areas.

You may get rid of the bedbugs by thoroughly cleaning the floors and walls with alcohol or bleaching products. Boric acid powder can also be spread on the infected areas. However; do not spread it on your mattress directly. Some herbs like rapeseed oil and canola are effective in killing the bedbug’s eggs. Other natural remedies for bed bugs include mint leaves and black walnuts. You should vacuum clean the mattress, under the carpets and furniture’s thoroughly to get rid of the bedbugs.

Regardless of the different remedies outlined above the best and first step to get rid of  bedbugs, is to practice good hygiene in your home.