Natural Remedies for Tooth Aches

Toothaches are a real pain as it can radiate to your jaws, head and can hinder your daily activities. A lot of people quietly suffer from toothache as dental care is pretty expensive. Some people also don’t have time to go to the dentist or their dentist is full for the day or week. For most adults, they don’t pay much attention to their dental health so it’s best that they know some natural remedies for toothache. Knowing the first aid in treating toothache is a must as most people experience had experienced tooth pain.

What is Toothache?

Toothache is obviously pain that you can feel in your teeth. It also includes any pain in your gums and jaw. Tooth pain can be a big hindrance as it can affect your eating, drinking and even sleeping habits. It can greatly interfere with your life and its best that you deal with it immediately. The onset of toothache can be sudden or it can be gradual and persistent. It’s a must that everyone knows the first aid for toothache as it can greatly help with toothache as it can come at anytime.

Causes of Toothache

The cause of toothaches may vary from person to person. A cavity or decay in the tooth can cause tooth pain. This needs to be checked out by a dentist immediately to prevent further damage in the tooth as well contaminating other teeth. Gum diseases or problem can also cause toothache. Have your gums checked out if this is the source of your tooth pain.

Symptoms of Toothache

Some people have a hard time recognizing toothache as it often affects the facial area. They are often mistaken with earaches, inflamed sinuses and throat infections. The pain that you may feel in toothaches may differ. Some feel a sharp stabbing pain while others feel a throbbing pain. some toothaches are also aggravated when you eat something hot or cold so its best to avoid these kinds of foods when you have toothaches.

Natural Remedies for Toothache

There are a lot of over the counter medications for toothache. The sad thing is they have a lot of adverse effects that makes them unadvisable to take. Good thing there are now a lot of natural remedies for toothache. No need for fancy medications when you can do first aid on your own. Just remember that the natural remedies for tooth pain are not the solution to all toothaches. You need to see a dentist to have your teeth checked out. Natural remedies are best for first aid and when you can’t get professional help.

Here are some natural remedies that you can do for toothache:

  • Ice. Putting some ice on the affected tooth can help ease the pain. Studies have also shown that rubbing some ice between your thumb and forefinger reduces tooth pain. This may be due to the blockage of nerve that travels along the way. You also wrap some ice in a towel and out it on the affected side. Make sure that the maximum time you apply ice is only 10 minutes.
  • Onion. Uncooked onion has a lot of antibacterial components. Chew raw onions to prevent cavities and kill bacteria in the mouth. This can also prevent cavities so you can chew onions every day.
  • Garlic has been known worldwide for its antibacterial properties. Place some garlic cloves on the affected tooth and you can also out some salt in the affected tooth.
  • For those living in tropical countries, you can use chew some guava leaves. This is a common and simple treatment for toothache.
  • Mix some pepper and olive oil together. Gargle some of the solution and it can help relieve tooth pain. This is a simple mixture that can be made in any household.
  • Salt really has a lot of uses and you can also use it to treat toothache. You can make a salt solution by mixing salt with water. Use it as a gargle to soothe the pain.
  • Lime is a fruit that is packed with Vitamin C. chew on some slices of lime to relieve that toothache. It’s loaded with Vitamin C which helps in strengthening the teeth and bones.
  • Vanilla can also be used for tooth pain. Mix a few drops of vanilla with water and use it as a gargle. You can also place a few drops of vanilla in small cotton and place it on the aching tooth. It can help numb the tooth thus relieving the pain.
  • Wheatgrass is known for its antioxidants and it’s no wonder that it can also relieve tooth pain. Use the wheatgrass drink as a gargle to relieve tooth pain.
  • Green tea has a lot of antioxidant properties and you can use the teabags to ease tooth pain. Place some teabags on the affected tooth as it can help relieve pain.
  • Ginger. This powerful root is a good antibacterial agent and can fight toothache. Chew some slices of ginger and it can relieve tooth pain.

Prevention of Toothache

The best way to prevent toothache is to take better care of your teeth. Have regular check-ups and be updated with your dental health. A lot of people don’t give much importance with their dental health and only go to the dentist when they feel tooth pain. A healthy diet also helps prevent tooth pain. A nutritious diet can strengthen the bones and teeth in the long run. Don’t consume too much sugar and go for fresh fruits and vegetables.

Natural remedies for tooth pain have become popular these days. Pregnant women rely on them as they often can’t take medications for their tooth pain. Natural remedies can really help a person as they easy to use and can be found in most homes. Most people have no idea what to do with toothache so it really helps to know the basics. Take time to know more about natural remedies and learn how to dela with basic ailments.