Natural Remedies for Sleep

Food is a reliable way of maintaining health

Food is an indispensable element in everyone’s life. One must eat to live and eat well to sleep well. If you possess a good physical conditioning, you will not have any difficulty in falling asleep. If you find something which is distracting, you must identify this and isolate the cause. Eating well is one of the natural remedies for sleep. Eating magnesium rich food is recommended as this will make the person sleep well. Magnesium rich foods are found in dark green vegetables, black strap molasses and almonds. Eating magnesium rich food is included in the natural remedies for sleep.

Exercising and body conditioning

People have been trying natural remedies for sleep since the start of time. Regular exercise and food habits are among the things which are essential. One must also pay attention to the sources of distraction, which are likely to occur. It may be a late night bus but if it is going to wake the baby up, you should shut the window. Natural remedies for sleep include having a refreshing bath before going to bed. This helps soothe the nerves and make the body cool down. Making these to work will depend on you keeping up some kind of routine which will make your body accept these changes as something natural.

Darkness is important

Natural remedies for sleep include darkness. This is really important. One of the essential things about sleep is the calm and quiet. When your room is dark, it becomes easy to have a good sleep. If there are slivers of light, you will experience distractions and could easily upset your sleep pattern. Sleeping with your windows open is one of the natural remedies for sleep. This helps raise the circulation of air. This brings a calming effect and sleep becomes more possible. Also, the dark makes one focus one‘s native energy into infinity. This will open the mind and calm it down.

Oils in therapy

In Ayurvedic treatment, using oil for natural remedies for sleep has been known since the beginning of time. The imbalance is of the following types. Vata imbalance involving the circulation and the breathing uses coconut oil massage and pitta type. This uses warm sesame oil, and the kappa type uses mustard oil.

Natural herbs

Natural remedies for sleep include herbs and drugs like Valerian. It gives a sedative effect to the patient, and he or she will fall asleep immediately. It is better avoiding stimulants before going to bed. Avoiding coffee and stimulants is one of the natural remedies for sleep. Chamomile tea or green tea is good.

Music is effective

Playing soothing music is among the better known natural remedies for sleep. This will work wonders because of the way the music has an effect on the person afflicted with these disorders. Lastly, it is better eating healthy diet and eating regularly. If you start to upset your body clock, the there will come a time when your body will no longer be able to recognize whether it is night or day.

Positioning your bed

Keep your bed in a position of maximum energy. This is one of the primary Feng Shui principles. Avoid those kinds of positions for your bed when you may come across too many objects. This is bad from a Feng Shui point of view and if the position lasts, the person is apt to lose sleep. Also, try to keep your windows open and make the breeze flow. More air circulation is necessary to bring the quiet and calm environment needed for sleep.

Redefining Sleep

Sleep is defined as the state of absent consciousness. This is a kind of existence when the mind ceases to rationalize. Only when the morning sun strikes the curtains, one will react by blinking one’s eyes. This kind of natural conditioning is present in all people and in all animals too. The body clock recognizes these changes as a routine change which is within the metabolic activity of the person.

Avoid changes

Changes in food, activities and patterns will change the metabolic clock and one will experience some kind of stress. Some of these will be resolved within the day, and some will persist through the days until one identifies what these conditions are. If you have any extracurricular activities, you will need to leave some time for these as these will make you appreciation of the better things in life as a thing to be something to be preserved. There are things well left alone; among them are bad and addictive habits like smoking and drinking alcohol.

Bring back normalcy

There are situations when one experiences a change of the situation or a change in food or circumstances, one experiences stress. This is brought on when you are having company for a few days, or you are travelling abroad. If you experience these sleep problems, you should try to look for some kinds of familiar things that you identify yourself with. Another kind of situation is when you are trying out some new kinds of food or experimenting with cooking. The change in the recipe will cause the metabolism to react with some overreaction. This should return to normal within the day itself or within a couple of days. Even when you change your clothes, you may get some kinds of adverse stress situations developing. It could be that you have not acclimatized yourself to the change in the weather or things like keeping up with the washing. These small things will play a great role if they are left unattended.

Relaxation techniques

There is a variety of relaxation techniques which are advocated and well known as natural remedies for sleep. Yoga and meditation are prominent among them. If you possess habits like these, it will be truly useful. If you do not, you should start walking. A good half an hour walking a day will set the tone for your well being. Daily free your mind by taking some of the meditation techniques which are commonly followed. Meditating an hour or so on some object will make your mind free form craving and base impulses. This is vital for maintaining the inner peace. Practice these techniques and have a good night’s rest.