Natural Remedies for the Prostate


Prostate is an organ in male mammals and is part of male’s sex organ. In size, it is about the size of walnut and it is located just below the male bladder. The main problem related to prostate is known as Prostatitis that affects men who are below the age of 50.

Prostatitis is the term used for the disease caused by inflammation of male prostate. This may include different types of Prostatitis including acute bacterial prostatitis, chronic bacterial prostatitis, chronic prostatitis without infection and asymptomatic inflammatory prostatitis. People who are older than 50 years often face with the disease known as “prostate enlargement”.

Prostate related diseases are often painful and treatments may contain side effects. It is common to feel pain if you urinate if suffering from prostatitis. Most of the time, bacteria or other tiny organisms are the cause of inflammation of prostate.

Medical statistics shows that prostatitis is a common disease, as estimated 30-50% of male population suffers from prostatitis in United States. The figure is low in European countries where medical statistics estimate up to 10% of men who suffer from prostatitis. An alarming result from medical surveys indicates that doctors normally give antibiotics to patients even when the cause is nonbacterial, even when antibiotics are only effective against prostatitis caused by bacteria. This may leads to side effects and more often creates more problems for the person.

Natural Remedies for Prostate problems

As prostate gland is a sensitive organ in male’s body and many treatments may contain side effects, it is preferable to apply natural remedies to save yourself from any unwanted side effects.

Goldenseal is known as very effective natural antibiotic. As antibiotics are effective against prostatitis so use of goldenseal is very good remedy for curing prostatitis especially if you are suffering from acute bacterial prostatitis. Goldenseal is also very effective against enlargement of prostate as it helps in shrinking of a swollen prostate. Use of goldenseal kills the bacteria and produces soothing effect for urinary tract that makes it possible to urinate without any pain.

Tomatoes are also very effective against prostatitis. It is highly recommended to add more and more tomatoes in your daily diet if you are suffering from prostate related problems. Medical research shows that intake of two tomatoes in a week can reduce the chances of prostate cancer. Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant extracted from tomato. It helps in curing prostatitis as well as it also helps in preventing prostate cancer.

Your diet also plays a vital role in healing all your prostate related problems. In case of prostatitis, you have to adjust your daily diet accordingly in order to get quick results. It is important to drink more than 8 glasses of water each day. It is also preferable to reduce all fatty foods. Intake of red meat should be reduced in your daily diet. In case of “prostate enlargement”, you need to eliminate intake of alcohol as intake of alcohol contributes in increasing prolactin levels. High level of prolactin in body more often leads to enlargement of prostate. New medical researches indicate that milk is also bad for prostate. As excess intake of calcium is contributing factor for prostate cancer, calcium in milk can increase the level of calcium in body to harmful level. Instead if milk, add fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily diet like tomatoes, watermelon, guavas, and pink grape fruits.

Many doctors in Germany use pumpkin seeds in treating patients who suffer difficulty in urination. Pumpkin seeds contain a good amount of zinc and are very effective in prostate related problems as it helps in building strong immune system in body. You can eat pumpkin seeds by adding them to your food as an ingredient or you can even eat them plain. Another way is to add crushed pumpkin seeds in your tea.

Amish people in United States are famous for their dependency on natural remedies for almost every disease. In case of prostate enlargement, Amish community is using silk from corn for centuries. It can be used by boiling silk from fresh corns in a water, and drink a glass of this boiled water 3 times a week. Another natural remedy used by Amish community for generations is use of watermelon tea for healing prostate problems or bladder problems. You can use watermelon seeds equal to one eighth of a cup in a tea. Try to include a cup of watermelon tea in your daily diet for at least 10 days.

Fishes that are high in Omega-3 (like tuna or salmon) are also effective for prostate related problems. Intake of such fish twice a week not only can help in healing your prostatitis but can also help in preventing cancer or tumor in prostate. Research shows that excess testosterone intensifies growth of prostate cancer, but research also shows that soy-based foods are very helpful in limiting production of testosterone in body as soy foods contain phytoestrogens.

Use of Supplements

One of the most famous natural herbs that are very effective against prostatitis is “Saw Palmetto”. This herb helps in reduction of pain, inflammation, retention, dribbling and even difficulty in starting urination. Use of this herb shows positive results in 99% of patients but the use is long term. You need to use it up to 6 to 12 months. This herb also helps in healing erectile dysfunction or impotence. Saw Palmetto improves the flow of urine by altering few hormone levels in body, which helps in reduction of prostate enlargement.

“Stinging nettle” is another supplement that is very popular in Europe for treating prostate related diseases. Another herb effective for prostate related diseases is pygeum that is used by indigenous Africans for centuries. It is very effective for curing both prostate enlargement and prostatitis. Cernilton is another natural herb for treating prostate problems extracted from rye pollen. Use of cernilton is very common in Europe.

Natural remedies for prostate related diseases in men offer an alternate to expensive medical treatments that more often cause side effects. These home remedies are much safer than medical treatments, less expensive and often more effective.