Natural Remedies for Toenail Fungus

Going natural is the new way to go. People now use different fruits, vegetables, herbs and natural resource to treat common ailments. There’s really no need for artificial and chemical means when you can have affordable and reliable natural remedies. In this article, you can learn about the different natural remedies for toenail fungus. You will learn how to deal with them using natural remedies.

Toenail Fungus is pretty common and a lot of people suffer from it. It often starts small and it is hardly noticeable. People usually disregard toenail fungus until it becomes worse. The truth is that you should start treatment as early as possible. Don’t wait until your nails go black to start treatment. The treatment can last for a few weeks to several months to even a year.

What is Toenail Fungus?

Toenail Fungus is when a fungal infection occurs in your toenails. It is caused by the fungus dermatophytes and they take over the keratin in your nails. The keratin is the protective layer in the surface of your nails. The two fingers most susceptible are the big toe and little toe. Toenail Fungus is called Onychomycosis or Paranoychia in medical terms. The toenails can become disfigured is the fungus is not treated.

Causes of Toenail Fungus

People who often take showers in public bathrooms have a higher risk in developing toenail fungus. The tiles in public bathrooms may have been infected by molds and fungus due to the dampness. People who have infected toenails can pass on their infection through the tiles. Public swimming pools are also breeding grounds for fungus. The dampness of the tiles makes it a perfect for fungus to thrive on.

Another possible cause of toenail fungus is poor hygiene. People who wear socks all the time can have more than just smelly feet. Your feet also sweat and the toes get damp. The moist and warm environment is great for fungus. People who wear tight shoes and those who wear shoes before drying their feet are at risk for toenail fungus. The best thing to do is to keep your feet dry to prevent the fungus from growing.

Symptoms of Toenail Fungus

The symptoms of toenail fungus usually start with the discoloration of the toenails. It starts with a slight yellow discoloration of the nails. It can then turn to brown and even black in the late stages. The toenail can also grow painful and you might have a hard time wearing your shoes. A foul smelling odor may come from your toes and the smell will be impossible to ignore. The nails will be thicker and may crack and crumble. It can be really painful and its best that you seek treatment immediately. Some people even need surgery for their toenails fungus.



Natural Remedies for Toenail Fungus

The best time to treat toenail fungus is to treat it as early as possible. Natural remedies are great for toenail fungus is just starting out. They are great in controlling the infection and preventing them from reoccurring. Here are some natural remedies for Toenail Fungus:

  • The oldest trick in the book would be using apple cider vinegar. Place warm water and apple cider vinegar in a basin and soak your feet. Place your feet in the water for about 20 minutes and let the acidity of the vinegar control the fungus. This is a great way to prevent the spread of fungus and this can accompany the primary treatment for toenail fungus. You can also use a blow dryer to dry your feet.
  • Tea Tree Oil and olive oil can also be used as a treatment. Apply a few drops of tea tree oil and olive oil in the affected areas 4 to 6 times a day. Alternately apply the oils and rub them on your toes. The oils have antioxidant properties and can help soften the skim in the affected area.
  • Make a scrub by mixing apple cider vinegar and coarse rice flour. You can gently spread the mixture to your toes. You can use a cotton or soft toothbrush to cover all the affected areas.
  • Soak your feet in mouthwash. Mouthwashes have a lot of components like alcohol and natural acids. Soak your feet in full strength mouthwash to treat toenail fungus. Do it at least once a day to prevent further infection of your toes.
  • Mix a few drops of oregano in olive oil. Gently massage the mixture in the affected area a few times a day. Oregano is great for fungus as it has natural antifungal components.
  • Modify your diet. Go for foods that have good bacteria. Yogurt is a great food that contains a lot of good bacteria.
  • Keep your feet dry. Never wear shoes unless your feet are super dry. You can use a blow dryer to dry your feet or a towel to pat dry your feet.
  • Make sure that your socks are dry. If you accidentally wear wet socks, make sure your feet are dry before wearing another pair of socks. Also go for cotton socks as they can absorb moisture better than nylon socks.
  • Clean your feet and make sure that your nails are clean. Cut your toenails at least once a month and keep them short.
  • Don’t share towels, socks and shoes with people who are infested with toenail fungus. This can spread the fungal infection and prevent the infection from reoccurring.
  • Take time to dry out your feet and wash them when you use public bathrooms and swimming pools.

Toenail fungus is not a serious condition as long as you seek help for it as early as possible. Don’t wait until your nails look dead and about to fall off to seek help. There are also natural ways to treat and prevent toenail fungus. Simply use the natural remedies for mild toenail fungus as they can be easily dealt with at home. The next time you cut your toenails, take time to examine and look for possible toenail infections.