Natural Remedies for Sinus Pressure

What is Sinus Pressure?

Sinus Pressure is a kind of respiratory condition. Sinuses are air cavities inside your head. These cavities are connected to our nose and provide a passage for air and drainage of mucus. Accumulation of unnecessary fluids and inflammation in sinus cavities are causes of Sinus Pressure. Pressure in sinus cavities may cause severe headaches, pain in different parts of face including nose, eyes, teethes and forehead.

Causes for Sinus Pressure

Main cause of Sinus pressure is blockage of Sinus cavities due to trapped air and mucus. The trapped air and other secretion than creates pressure on cavity walls triggering pain and discomfort. Sometime Air vacuum is created inside Sinus cavity that also is a reason for pain and Sinus attack. Inflammation of Sinus cavities block the passage of air and may result in severe pain. The main reasons for Sinus inflammation may include bacterial and viral infection, flu and allergens (like air pollution etc).  Dr Jordan Josephson, writer of “Sinus Relief Now” consider allergies as the most common reason for sinus pressure.

Symptoms for sinus pressure may include congestion, fatigue, problem in respiration and fever. According to an estimate, almost 37 million Americans deal with sinus problems every year. Even though Sinusitis is not a fatal disease, but it still costs Americans 6 billion dollars. According to medical statistics, 13 million people visit doctors every year due to sinus related issues. Sinus pressure is not a fatal condition but it still can affect your routine, your productivity and your school performance. A study suggested that every year Americans lose more than 70 million of school and work days due to sinus problems.

Natural Remedies for Sinus Pressure

Fortunately there are many natural remedies available for Sinus Pressure that may help you in quick solution of your condition. In most cases of Sinus pressure, you can relieve yourself from pain and discomfort by applying one of many simple home remedies without any need to visit health expert or doctor. Some of the easy to do natural remedies for Sinus pressure are as follows:

Breathing in the area where moist air is available is very helpful for sinus, as doctors consider dry air harmful for sinuses and recommend breathing in moist air as it is very helpful in reducing congestion. Doctors also recommend taking bath under the hot shower twice a day with doors closed and breathing in the steam for long period of time. You can also spray hot water on your forehead and nose and try to push as much mucus out of your Sinus cavities as you can. Try to repeat this at least 4 times during a day.

Keep away from smoke and make your place of living a no smoking zone. Fumes always create more pressure on your sinus and smoke from cigarette is most harmful than other fumes like hair spray and perfumes. Use of alcohol is also discouraged by doctors in condition of Sinus pressure.

Drinking lot of water is another natural remedy for Sinus pressure as intake of water enables your body to drain secretion through your sinus cavities by reducing thickness of mucus. Hot tea can also contribute in reducing sinus pressure as it also can reduce the thick layer of mucus.

Use of Apple cider vinegar is another common remedy for Sinus pressure. You can include some amount of Apple cider vinegar into your drinking water. You can drink this mixture of Apple cider vinegar and water for number of days to keep your condition stable. Apple Cider vinegar keeps the layer of mucus thin and relieves you from congestion.

If you are facing continues pressure on your sinuses than it is time to have a look at your diet. As formation of thick mucus is the basic reason for sinus pressure, all food that contribute in thickening of mucus in your sinus cavities must be removed or reduced from your diet. Foods that contribute in formation of thick mucus may include spicy foods, cheese, milk, citrus and wheat. You can keep such items away from your dining table for few days until your condition become stable.

Use of warm water and sea salt is also known as effective remedy for sinus pressure. You can squeeze a solution of sea salt and warm water directly into your sinus cavities twice a day. This process really helps in releasing your sinus pressure and can also reduce inflammation of cavity walls, a core reason for sinus pressure. This process, also known as nasal irrigation is very effective in keeping your sinus cavities clear and clean. Nasal irrigation can easily flush out all allergens and mucus from your sinuses and make breathing easier for you. The best thing is to squirt salt solution in one nostril and let it drain through the other nostril. You can also use baking soda in solution instead of salt.

Another important thing is to keep your home clean and stay away from your pet animal especially if it is fluffy. Most of the times, allergies from dust and pollen are cause of sinus pressure, so keeping your home clean and staying away from plants and pet animals may help. If sinus pressure is becoming more common, than turning your home into sinus friendly environment is essential for you. Try to keep your house open on warm days so the air can pass through your house and keep your house air clean as stale air is another contributing factor for sinus pressure.

Steaming is another effective way to release your sinus pressure. You can use a mixture of warm water and tea tree oil. Place the mixture tub in front of you and pull a towel on your head and the tub. Take deep breaths in the steam and warm vapors produced in the towel. This helps in releasing trapped air from your sinus cavities and reduces the thickness of mucus.

Sinus pressure is easily curable but needs a healthy environment at your living place and a good use of natural remedies. The reasons for sinus pressure are simple and different home remedies can be applied to release sinus pressure quickly. You can save your time and money by applying any of the discussed natural remedy on yourself before visiting doctor.