Natural Remedies for Coughs

Coughing generally is the repetitive reflex occurrence that assists the body to clear breathing passages. This helps to clear irritations foreign particles or even secretions.  This usually causes a violent release of air from the lungs. Coughs are mainly caused by bacteria or viruses. And by the host coughing this easily spreads to others. Also coughing is caused by an infection in the respiratory system that can be triggered by inhaling cold weather. This harsh weather condition normally causes severe coughs that require medical attention. There are natural remedies for coughs that are very effective to our bodies.

Cultures all over the world have their own natural remedies for cough. They have testified over the years about the positive effects the treatments have had on them and that’s why they have been used over the years. Most are used to treat coughs caused by allergies, irritants or smoke. Though there are other stronger remedies. These remedies help heal the infections in the respiratory tract system, relieving the patient the uncomfortable coughs.

Remedies for mild coughs

Ginger:  smash ginger and extract juice from it. Put in hot water and you can add honey. This should be taken three to four times a day.

Cardamom: this has it effects if chewed for a long time.

Lemon juice: juice extracted from lemon mixed with two spoonfuls of honey and the same of glycerin should be taken once day preferably in the evening.

Turmeric powder: a mixture of this with thirty ml of milk can be taken twice a day.

Ginger chewed directly with a sprinkle of salt has great effect on dry coughs.

Pepper:  a pinch of caraway seeds mixed with three peppers and a bit of common salt gives great relief.

 Almonds: get almonds and soak them overnight to soften their skin for easier removal. Then make a paste from them and add a little butter and sugar. This is very soothing for dry coughs.

Henna leaves: boil these and sieve the water and let it cool. This is also considered a good relief for colds.

Remedies for harsh or persistent cough

Over the years herbal medicines have been used to treat persistent coughs. This gives a special look at the respiratory tract coughs. This is where herbs were combined using great wisdom to heal these coughs. As much as people have turned to medicine, with usage of these herbal medicine people have strong faith in them. Here are a few that due to their great effects, they are used worldwide.

Holy basil or Tulasi

This is a great home remedy for cough that has been used since ancient days. This is herb known for its properties of antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory. The herb also promotes respiratory support for patients while breathing also relieving the respiratory stress. The juice from the leaves have expectorant and stimulating properties. This is perfect treatment for serious coughs like bronchitis.

G-Kof Syrup

This herbal syrup used as home remedy for coughs has advanced performance. This is made from proven healing herbs. These consist of ginger, honey, kanktari, mulathi and tulsi. A combination of these gives strong reliefs like chest muscle that are strained while coughing. This improves the general well being of the patient. It’s also recommended for both productive and dry coughs. The two herbs should be taken as prescribed for positive results.

Considering most Asian countries are the ones that have this great knowledge in herbs, knowledge has been spread all over for the whole world to benefit. Due to great demand these herbs are now produced at factory levels. Manuals are also provided to educate the users on other herbs too. Since this might not be available in your country don’t worry it’s easy to access the herbal home remedies for coughs. With the world wide availability of internet, you can use any powerful search engine for results. Different companies will come up and all have product reviews. All you have to do is choose and order. Make your payments online and don’t forget to include shipping expenses and address. With all these complete you will receive your herbs in time ready for use.

As for the simple home remedies for coughs, they are easily accessible. So long as you have the combination tips you can solve the problems very fast. Ginger, lemons, honey, almonds, turmeric powder are all available in your local market. This gives you an advantage because you can get them when they are fresh. This also gives better results. Mixing these doesn’t require training. Since these have been used over the years using them is in our finger tips. But if you don’t have an idea on what to do you can ask for assistance. For the best results make sure you have mixed the right amount and also consumed the right amount of the remedies.

Take precautions and avoid those irritants that can cause these coughs. Dress warmly as colds and flu also causes someone to cough. Keep away from infected people since all colds are spread easily through air. Do the same for your children. Also make it a habit to prepare your foods with garlic, turmeric and almond. Ginger can also be used in some foods but its best used while preparing tea. With this you are creating a good immunity system for your family members and this should be able to avoid frequent infections.

In conclusion these home remedies are the best if followed to the letter. They have no residues that affect us later in life like most medications. The other thing is that you are creating a strong immune system at the same time you are treating. This knowledge can be spread to other people without the fear of misleading. There are no side effects in using either the herbs or the simple remedies. Therefore it is wise to do your research for what herb or remedy works for what. With that home remedies for coughs are still the best recommended.