Natural Remedies for Chlamydia

Chlamydia is one of the most widely spread sexually transmitted disease. This is extensively due to its symptoms that are very hard to detect in the initial stages of its manifestation. Before we embark on the natural remedies for Chlamydia it is best if we first understand the disease so that you may know what you are dealing in. If the disease is early detected, it can be easily treated. As of now Chlamydia is a treatable disease. However, you should note that just like in other types of bacterial infections, Chlamydia can develop resistance against antibiotics making it hard to treat with conventional drugs.

Chlamydia has mild symptoms. Well, its symptoms vary between the sexes. For male, it causes itching on the affected area, one of the testicles may swell, discomfort and pain when urinating. As for women, you may experience pain in the pelvic region, inflammation in the urethra, pain during sexual intercourse, bleeding in between periods and abnormal discharge from the vagina. Since the symptoms are not easily noted, it is advisable to take a test before undertaking unprotected test or to be on the safe side always use latex condoms in sexual intercourse.

Generally, most people feel embarrassed or even distressed once they know that they have contracted a sexually transmitted disease. Besides, this can make one prone to other deadly diseases like HIV and AIDS. That is why I shall endeavor to discuss the natural remedies for Chlamydia which will help you eliminate the possibility of a yeast infection one of the main causes of Chlamydia. The first thing you should do when you suspect you have this infection is to confirm it by taking a test. If the test proved your suspicion is right go ahead and use the following remedies.

You should immediately adjust your diet by cutting off yeast and sugar from it. This component is known to stimulate the growth of yeast and thereby they should be eliminated from your diet with immediate effect.

As for a woman take one raw garlic clove and put it inside the vagina for about two nights. However this should be supplemented by acidophilus capsules which will help build your immunity. Garlic is generally known to be a good natural antibiotic. It contains strong anti-bacterial and anti-viral component and therefore it should be included in your diet. It can also be taken in its raw form by chewing it or you may squeeze it and extract juice which you should drink at least twice a day. I bet you need to be strong enough to endure the smell and taste of raw garlic.

Other natural remedies for Chlamydia include turmeric and Echinacea. Researchers have found turmeric to contain antibacterial components that could be used to cure many sexually transmitted diseases including gonorrhea and Chlamydia.  Its dosage should be 500mg which should be taken thrice per day. On the other hand, Echinacea has antimicrobial properties and they help to boost the human immune system. This is a herbal plant that can be consumed by squeezing it from tincture and taking about twenty five drops three times a day.

How could I forget to mention the saw palmetto berries that can be used to make your own drug? You need one teaspoon of berries and two cups of water as your ingredients. Mix them together and the resultant solution should be taken three times a day. The curing agent in the berries is antiseptic. Did I talk of goldenseal? An herb that contains Berberine which helps boosts the immunity system. This helps to strengthen the defense system of your body and it is available in many forms including capsules that ought to be taken twice a day. This will fight against inflammation and bacteria that course Chlamydia.

The natural remedies for Chlamydia are many. Even sage can be used to help an infected person. All you need to do is to take put water to boil and remove it from the fire then you add crushed fresh sage into it. Leave the water to cool before you drink it. This water is used as a cleansing agent for the system and it can also be used to make herbal tea. Yogurt has also been proved to be very helpful in the fact that it hinders the multiplication of yeast. It also plays n important role in relaxing the nuisance and fiery feeling caused by Chlamydia.

As a natural remedy for any disease, a balanced diet is essential. I earlier mentioned that sugar and yeast should be avoided as they will weaken your immune system. Eat food that will boost the body defense like fibers rich food. Eat plenty of fruits and green leafy vegetable which will grant you sufficient vitamins that will help your body fight against such infections. One of the paramount things in the diet is water. Endeavor to take about eight glasses of water per day. This will help your body get rid of toxic substances giving you a healthy blood system.

A number of herbs have been clinically proven to act as natural remedies for Chlamydia. They include Mentha Piperita, Solidago Virgaurea, buch and African potato. They add immunity to your body giving it a strong defense mechanism against disease causing bacteria. Olive also contains oleuropein acid which helps against many germs. You may also detoxify the body by taking a glass of warm milk added with a pinch of turmeric every evening before going to bed. Avoid caffeine and alcohol as this will reduce the detoxifying of the system.

The bottom natural remedies for Chlamydia are either you abstain from sex or you always use latex condoms during sexual intercourse. As the layman said, “prevention in better that cure” try to prevent yourself from any of the sexually transmitted diseases regardless of how mild it may look. This is because one STD makes your body vulnerable to more STD’s and who knows maybe in the event you may even get the deadly ones.