Natural Remedies for IBS

Understanding IBS 

Our human body is a fantastic machine. Daily it converts food into energy and pumps gallons and gallons of blood through kilometers of arteries and veins. We will easily be able to see that the ‘engine floor’ of this complex machine is the digestive system which comprises the stomach and the intestines. It starts at the mouth and ends at the anus. The nutrients are absorbed through tiny hair follicles in the intestine called the villi. The human clock follows a daily cycle. The nutrients need to be replenished day after day, as long as we are living. All the individual players are linked to the other organs, the liver, the heart and the lungs in an intricate manner. When one of these participants fails in its duties, we will suffer. Let us consider the failure of the intestines. When intestines immune system collapses and the shield is withdrawn, the walls of the intestines swell because of irritation. This leads to diarrhea. This is Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Irritable bowel syndrome is not a disease. It is a functional disorder of the bowels. When we eat food, then what happens? The food has the nourishing elements which are absorbed through the intestine, and the remaining portion known as stool is stored in the bowel. When this piece of the digestive tract becomes uncooperative, develops malfunctions, we are in for trouble. We will need to have a regular bowel movement if we are to be free from all kinds of digestive problems. The unused portions of the food (excreta) are pushed out of the system daily once. This procedure is regulated by the body clock. When we experience fever or cold, the body clock is slowing down or speeding up. When the clock picks up sped and starts to race, the bowels will react in a fashion which we feel as getting the urge to answer nature’s call’. Even after we have passed the motion, the feeling will not pass. The empty bowel will keep on emptying itself. This is called as the IBS. To get the natural remedies for IBS, we should look forward to correcting our diet.

Treating IBS

We see that the IBS is a functional disorder, not a disease. The causes are thought at the present time to be either related to circumstances or over excitement. Natural remedies for IBS include ginger, yam and cardamom. This will reduce the inflammation of the intestines and reduce the pain. Peppermint oil in capsule form is also very well recommended. But be careful, consuming peppermint oil in raw form may cause you heartburn. The patient will exhibit symptoms of having frequent ‘bowel movement’ and pain in the stomach. Loss of appetite and nausea may also be amongst the symptoms. The patient will feel the need to relieve himself several times in quick succession, and the feeling will persist even after he has relieved himself. The dysfunction is sometimes hereditary in nature. Lemon balm and licorice are found to be effective in some cases. Licorice helps in the production of mucus and thus helps protect the tract.

Using natural remedies for IBS 

Finding the correct solution to treat the problem will only be possible when you are able to detect the external attributes which contribute to interference with the body’s mechanism. There are a number of herbs and balms which are effective. The different parts of the flower bearing plants and herbs, the seeds and their extracts have been used to make balms and resins which are particularly effective. Derivatives of these are in various forms the natural remedies for IBS. Fennel is particularly useful at relieving trapped gases and giving relief from swollen intestines. It also has anticarcinogenic and antibacterial properties. It is also anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antioxidant. Dried ginger and anise which are anti-fungal and anti-spasmodic, helps settle the stomach and aids and regulates digestion, and help stop chronic diarrhea and constipation. It helps stimulate the production of gastric juices. Caraway is a seed which may be chewed. You may brew it into tea. It helps stimulate the gastric juices and soothes the muscles of the digestive tract. It also helps relieve gas. This is another one of the natural remedies for IBS. People suffering from this situation should not eat sweeteners, dairy and red meat.

Diagnosing IBS 

Only if our bowels are functioning well will we be able to enjoy our life. To ensure they do, we must take some of these prescribed herbs either in tea or simply boiled in water. The symptoms of IBS are diarrhea, constipation and stomach discomfiture. There may be mucus in the stool, and a feeling that you have not finished your bowel movement. Lower gastrointestinal series (GI) series is an x-ray taken after a ‘barium meal’. This will put a lot of barium into your intestinal tract. The idea is that when an x-ray is taken of your lower abdomen, they will show up clearly because barium shows up clearly on x-ray. Colonoscopy is done with the help of a thin tube with lights and lenses at their ends. The colonoscopy is inserted into the anus, and the doctor examines the rear end to see if he is able to detect any thing which may be causing the problem.

Tea at bed time 

The better known natural remedies for IBS include some of the following. You may use the leaves of the oregano wither in dried or fresh form. It may also be brewed together with tea. It is also consumed in capsule form. Anise comes in the form of small, black seeds. They can be chewed, but some people also crush it and make tea out of them. Chamomile flower is taken in the form of tea usually at bedtime. It has a sedative effect and is beneficial for the bowels. Eating at proper times and maintaining a good diet will keep you relatively safe from the most commonly prevalent forms of the disease. See your doctor immediately if you experience these frequent bowel movements. Also, take chamomile tea now and then. It is tasty and will help you to keep your bowels healthy.