Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Fleas

Natural ways to get rid of fleas Have you ever known that your pets are subjected to diseases just like human beings? Whenever you are making the decision on rearing up pets like dogs and cats, you should always know that they can be highly infected through diseases caused by small fleas. The earlier you know the better, since you will be in a position to prevent or cure them. Just like … [Read more...]

Natural Remedies for Bed Bugs

If your home has been infested by bed bugs, then you may have experienced the worst discomfort you have ever imagined. These tiny creatures are worst nightmare a homeowner could ever have. This is why we shall endeavor to understand what bedbugs are before we explore natural remedies for bed bugs. Bedbugs are small wingless parasitic insects that suck blood from living organisms. I mean they … [Read more...]

Natural Remedies for Fruit Flies

Fruit flies are annoying pests that mostly appear in the kitchen on fruit baskets and bowls as well as the produce section found in grocery stores. They are mostly common during summer. They are mostly attracted by the sweet smell of browning bananas and fresh peaches among many other fruits. Other than groceries and the home, they also attack restaurants, wineries, warehouses and processing … [Read more...]

Natural Remedies for Ear Mites

Ear mites are parasites that usually attack pets like dogs and cats. Just as the name suggests, they are mostly found in the ears but there are times when they can breed in the skin and head. The egg only takes 3 weeks to mature into an adult. The adult can spend all its life in the pet making it highly contumacious. They also result in severe inflammation. They can be passed from one host to … [Read more...]