Natural Remedies for Diseases in Cats

UTS in cats

Urinary tract infection in cats is common. It makes the passing of urine difficult. The symptoms are the foul-smelling urine, changes in the behavior of cats and changes in the pattern of passing urine. This is also known as cystitis. Even cats affected with cold have reacted positively to apple cider vinegar and ranks on top of the natural remedies for disease in cats.

Watch out for heart disease

Cat heart disease is extremely hard to detect. This is because the cats are truly noble creatures and will not show outwards fatigue. The only outward manifestations of the disease will be the loss of breath and some occasional cough. As time passes, there will be a noticeable change in appetite. This and a sometimes distended belly will indicate the presence of heart disease. Using ultrasound to detect the heart disease is more accurate. If there are fluids around the lungs, these will have to be removed. Dilated cardiomyopathy is caused by a lack of taurine. This is a standard ingredient in the cat food. Heart diseases could also be caused by hyperthyroidism. Cardiac glycosides strengthen the heart and are used often. Balm of Gilead and hawthorn berries are some natural remedies for diseases in cats.

Supplement the diet

Natural remedies for diseases in cats include vitamin B vitamin C and fish oil. These are indispensable for the officiating of the kidneys and cats which are affected by these will need to have these dietary supplements. Since the kidneys are liable to become toxic, better use some natural herbal extracts in the food supplements like green tea.

IBS in cats

Sometimes the Irritable Bowel Syndrome in cats could become intolerable to the owner. Chamomile or rhubarb may be given brewed or in raw form if the cat will have it. It is one of the natural remedies for diseases in cats. Agrimony and St.Mary’s thistle may also be given.

Detecting diabetes in cats

Curing diabetes in your cat may be troublesome. The matter must be considered in all seriousness. If the sugar is too low, there are chances for the cat to collapse. When you are choosing natural remedies for diseases in cats especially diabetes, it is surprising to note that there is not much that you can do about it. The levels of sugar will have to be monitored and understood if you are to get to the root of the problem. Keep your cat on a healthy diet and try to supplement its diet with the adequate nutrient supplements such as vitamins and Omega 3 supplements.

Kidney disease in cats

This disease will manifest itself in older cats. It is caused by the accumulation of toxins in the kidney. Most pet owners will lay restrictions on the food and soon the cat will be on a meat-free diet. This may not be entirely necessary. Finding the nature of the toxins will be easy through a routine examination of the blood. Elimination of those foods, which contain excess toxic elements and may create complications, will be useful. Natural remedies for diseases in cats include choosing the right diet for your cat. Mixing Alfalfa with the cat food is found to be beneficial. Mastica helps soothe the stomach and strengthen the kidneys of the pets which are suffering. Fresh Parsley is an excellent diuretic and helps the pets pass urine freely.

Pancreatic conditions in cats

Pancreas play a pivotal part in the digestion of food by producing enzymes, which are necessary. When there is a disruption in the functioning of the pancreas, it will manifest itself as symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting, pain in the abdomen and lack of appetite. Burdock and milk thistle helps certain kinds of pancreatic conditions.


This is commonly referred to as chest congestion. The cold and cough in cats make it hard for them to breathe properly. Marshmallow root is found to be good in treating the condition. The environment itself should be kept free form pollutants. When the dust in the air reduces, breathing becomes easier and is among the better natural remedies for diseases in cats.

Arthritis in cats

This degenerative disease in cats will be slowed down by supplementing the diet with a good dose of Omega 3 fatty acids and Glucosamine. The former is good with a high amount of vitamin E the latter has the natural propensity for promoting the bone growth. Arthritis will cause the degeneration of the bones and will happen naturally with age.

Natural remedies for diseases in cats are popular because they are cheap and easily available. They are found to be better than allopathic medicine. Some of the more widely used are tea and tincture. Mistletoe and Indian Ginseng are also used to improve the quality of the cat’s diet. Dandelion and devil’s claw are advantageous for the liver of your pet. Catnip is an aphrodisiac for cats. Ginger and garlic are suitable for the cold and cough.


The overproduction by the thyroid glands leads to a condition of sugar imbalance in the blood stream. The stinging nettle is found to be useful in normalizing the condition. Bugleweed is also found to be effective.

Look out for the symptoms

It is difficult to recognize the signs. Keep a watch out for the telltale cough and changes in the stool habits. Older cats may develop some things like distended stomachs or bleary eyes.

Cats are difficult to predict because of their inherent nocturnal instincts. They are survivors, but sometimes diseases and infections may bring them down. If you have given your cat its initial shots, you should see that the changes in the surrounding area, like shifting of the waste disposal bin or changes in the area due to construction activity will affect the health of your cat. You could seek the advice of friends who are knowledgeable about cats and their behavior. Cats like to sun themselves, and changes in this activity or the timing should be enough to warn you of imminent changes in the health of our pet. Most of all make sure nothing affects the appetite of your cat. This is the starting point of all health problems.